February 28, 2009: To be announced

The next Trambience will take place on Saturday February 28, 2009. The lineup, time, and associated events will be announced at the end of January.


September 5, 2004: Greg Malcolm and Chris O'Connor

Greg Malcolm and Chris O'Connor played a trio with the rumbling tram, creating a lovely meandering accompaniment to a late-winter evening tramride, with darkened streets and a cosy interior...

Christchurch based guitarist Greg Malcolm builds hypnotic evolving melodies upon layered drones, created by mini fans, e-bows and floor guitars, utilising a variety of tones and sounds created on his unique adapted electric guitar created by New Zealand Luthier Peter Stephens.

Drummer Chris O'Connor transformed the tram into a traveling drumset, physically exploring the space and its acoustic properties. Chris is an accomplished drummer who has played with a variety of famous experimental musicians, but this was the first time he has played a tram.


December 18, 2003: Sarah Peebles and Adam Willetts

Sarah Peebles is an audio artist based in Canada. Her Tokyo soundwalk composition ‘108’ exhibited at The Physics Room gallery in december 2003.

Adam Willetts is a sound artist and musician currently living in auckland. Adam performed using tilt sensing gamepads to enable samples to be manipulated by the movements and vibrations of the tram.

The performance followed three loops of central Christchurch on a sunny summer’s evening, while the artists created beautiful, eerie and intriguing sounds, punctuated by office Christmas parties from the streets outside…